Join us on January 16, 2024 for an illuminating growth mindset event with Glenn Stearns, Captain Charlie Plumb, and Mindy Stearns
Kristen Morgan, Phillip Sizemore, Jim Linnane, Krish Dhokia
Rebecca Richardson, Nate Fain and Joel Ventura
January 16, 2024
6:00-9:00 PM
At The Buckhead Club
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Get your mindset!

Your Are Invited To Kind Mindset 2024

Join us for the exhilarating "Kind Mindset" event series by Kind Lending! Calling all mortgage and real estate professionals, this is your chance to illuminate your growth mindset and ignite your career! Immerse yourself in the electrifying atmosphere as our lineup of dynamic speakers shares their insights and strategies for success. Network with like-minded individuals who have achieved remarkable results, and gain the tools you need to stand out and thrive in the industry. Don't miss this opportunity to transform your business and embrace the power of a kind mindset. Get ready to elevate your game and make your mark!

Iam so excited to invite you to the KIND MINDSET event series hosted by Kind Lending!

I look forward to sharing my story of InteGRITy and success and how you to can build your career around strategies that can help you thrive in the mortgage and real estate industry.

I can't wait to meet each of you at our event series kickoff in Atlanta, GA. Cheers!


Buckhead Club

Kind Mindset event in Atlanta is located in the exclusive Buckhead Club on the 26th floor of the Sovereign Building in the heart of Atlanta,

3344 Peachtree Rd NE, Ste 2600,
Atlanta, GA 30326

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Glenn Stearns

CEO & Founder of Kind Lending, LLC

Glenn Stearns is a titan in the Mortgage and Financial services industry, went from being an underdog in life to founding and building the top privately held mortgage company in the US on the heels of the 2007 meltdown.  He survived cancer (twice), produced and starred in the top rated business show; Discovery Channel's "Undercover Billionaire," and recently founded the fastest growing mortgage company in the US.  Glenn Stearns' journey isn't an everyday underdog scenario.  Grit is at the center of his story about overcoming adversity, getting scrappy, and beating the odds.  Using the survival instincts honed in the streets and surrounded by alcoholism and dysfunction, Glenn prevailed by creating a life driven by integrity, which is penned in his debut memoir entitled "InteGRITy," My Slow and Painful Journey to Success.

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Captain Charlie Plumb

Former Fighter Pilot, Keynote Speaker, Six-Year Prisoner of War

Captain Charlie Plumb is a top motivational speaker, Navy Fighter Pilot, author, and Vietnam War POW.  During his nearly six years of captivity, Captain Charlie Plumb distinguished himself among his fellow prisoners as a professional in underground communications and served for two of those years as the Chaplain in his camp. Since his return home, more than 4,000 audiences in nearly every industry have been spellbound as Captain Plumb draws parallels between his P.O.W experience and the challenges of everyday life.

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Mindy Stearns

Chief Kindness Officer

After leaving her long-time career as a dental hygienist, Mindy’s on-screen appearances began to snowball as she seized opportunities to serve as a red-carpet reporter for Entertainment Tonight,acting roles in film (The Princess Diaries) and television (Sabrina the Teenage Witch), and as a reality TV star (The Real Gilligan’s Island).

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Kristen Morgan

Branch Manager at Kind Lending, LLC

Kristen Mortgan and her team are committed to providing clients with the highest quality mortgage services.  She leads the  "There's No Place Like Home" Mortgage Team at Kind Lending. In addition to helping thousands of home buyers throughout her career, Kristen is a motivator, culture keeper and a speaker.

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Krish Dhokia

SVP Marketing & Business Development at Kind Lending

Award winning Marketing Leader with 20+ years of experience in real estate, mortgage and technology industries.


Phillip Sizemore

Regional Vice President of Sales at Kind Lending

20+ years of diverse financial experience leading Kind Lending's growth on the East Coast.


Event Hosts

Kristen Morgan
Atlanta, GA
Joel Ventura
Charlotte, NC
Rebecca Richardson
Charlotte, NC
Nate Fain
Pensacola, FL